About Me

Hey! I’m a 22-year-old male from the most wonderful countryside town that’s embedded within the gorgeous terrain of East Anglia, England, called Letchworth Garden City. Some folks have described me as having ‘more layers than a Lasagne’ and I absolutely agree. It’s difficult for me to narrow down my avenues of thought since they are so varied and utterly diverse – it’s for this reason alone that to begin blogging is to be the perfect symbiosis of giving and taking with the world. I’m here to present myself to the world as the change I wish to see – hence that I’m always in a state of mindful contemplation, I’m forever in a process of discipline to strengthen the union between mind, body, and soul and I’m always concerned with the health of Mother Nature and how I can help to inspire conservative efforts, by sharing my sacred connection and in radiating my appreciation for her beauty. I am a young man who bears ancient principals and philosophies, who finds the totality of his essence in the trees and the clouds and who was born with adventure in the blood. In my world, there is infinite happiness and sunshine, all the time. I wish to broadcast this to the world and as I shine my light on life! I am here as a radiant star, a heartfelt campaigner for all things uplifting and spiritual, and I am most certainly a natural born naturalist.