Freedom of Speech

The objective of speaking in this moment, now, is to be free of thinking we need elaborate, precise grammar all the time…

I trip up over my lust for constructing vocal speech in the very same way I’d write to use extensive, advanced vocabulary… yet the styles of talking and writing and broadly different.

And it can hinder me from exerting my speech before the internal voice has thought about what needs to change and what isn’t good about it. All that happens in a split moment. The reactivity of this inner rhetoric that judges and questions you, can be tamed through meditation. It is possible bring ourselves to the present in whatever moment by breathing, following the breath, and finding that we are no more or less than the breath.

Becoming hindered by the interception of the ego is a stutter, and that robs me, and all of us, from the present beauty of free flowing. Flow freely when speaking and don’t let psychoanalysical nature of the automatic ego in it’s cynicism, inhibit your expressions!

Be transparent, be sincere, and be okay with yourself in every way right here in this moment. You are wise and you are pure. You behold everything you need to be you.

There is rarely a need for more. More often than not, the more we think we need, is a calling for polarization. We’re really needing less of that.

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