I’m alive, and that’s good enough

Sometimes I become so lost in planning and articulating writings of purpose and passion that I bypass the beauty of freestyling! I’m just warming to this blogging thing and it amazes me just how versatile a platform it can be. It doesn’t matter what you write about, somebody out there will appreciate it and if my words resonate with just a single human then that is fantastic. I literally just love living, and I make the choice to be happy and appreciate of all things in all moments. Even the microorganisms alive on every millimetre of surface on the kitchen worktop deserves to be there. It’s not for us to assert purposes onto beings. We’re all alive on this planet simultaneously, perhaps sharing the same consicousness.

Today I’ve treated myself to a lovely Spider Plant, and I’ve enjoyed a great 48hr fast! There’s an awful lot going on right now with so much more to come. I’m toying with the idea of going to University to accomplish my childhood dream of becoming a Zoologist. This will happen in the next year if it is to be so, but until then, I’m pondering on where my next travel destination might be. I’m feeling that it could have something to do with Africa or maybe I’ll go back home to Indonesia. I love that place.

Many moments of synchronicity have presented themselves recently. Namely one such interaction with an incredibly gifted lady has catapulted me into a territory of energetic healing and spiritual development, where I had already been headed through my own lines of study and practice. I knew somewhere down the line I’d meet somebody by way of the Universe who’d open that door, and it has arrived. She’d like me to speak about Herbalism and Natural Healing and to be honest, I’d love to do it!

In a similar sort of way, I’ve been messing around with altered states of mind recently and I’ve found myself once again at a state of pure oneness with everything in every moment. I’ve realised the beautiful potential of using these natural substances to expand the mind and reveal the true love-based essential nature that we all have within us. I am trying to mitigate an LSA dispensary whilst it’s legal in the UK and the law can’t say anything about it. I love messing around with extractions of natural substances from natural sources. It brings me closer to nature itself. I love being close to nature, hence why I’ve purchased that spider plant!

I’ve been studying away all day long today but I haven’t missed the opportunity to get outdoors and see what magic is in store for me. There has sure as hell been a lot of it. For example, whilst walking through the supermarket car park I saw my aunt and my mother which is ultra rare and then, whilst telling them of a strange phenomena recently where I’d seen an old Junior school teacher 4 times in the last 2 weeks after 15 years of no path crossing – he walked past us for a 5th time. I really understand the power of the mind and how it can manifest ANYTHING to be just as it were uttered in the mind.

Now I am going to bed after eating far too much, far too late. It happens sometimes. I think irregular breaks in patterns are fantastic, I just hope I haven’t overturned the benefits of my fasting too hard with that apple pie and super-vegan porridge.

Good night! It’s time to get bendy and meditate before drifting off to dreamland.

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