Below the equator…

This time last year I was in LOVE with Bali. I’d honoured the Milky Way in the night sky for the first time ever in my geographical history, I was tucked away below the Equator with my travelling brothers and sisters by my side from Thailand and Malaysia. It was MYSTICAL and magical and I knew the moment was never to be replicated again. The Universe was a cosmic free for all!

It was ‘Silence day’ on the 17th March 2018, otherwise known traditionally as Nyepi day, meaning not a soul was allowed to have lights on nor leave their premises to go out. Guards patrol the streets and it’s an offence to break this rule – those found outside face a fine. One must stay in, even tourists. It sure separated the selfie voyagers from those seeking immersion in the culture. I post this today on the 7th March 2019 simply because my sacred paradise is celebrating this day today; 10 days ahead of the annum since my visit.

Some tourists couldn’t hack it but I loved the experience. No internet, no distractions, just pure inner reflection. A day of recreation running parallel to a notion of recuperation for nature, as on this day she too was not exploited, and the entire universe boldly posed for the soul to reach out through the eye and touch the infinity!

Big, proper, greens and purples of our Galaxy – I’m telling you I saw the Milky Way! It was one of many heights of mine! I first experienced Tuak on this day with Ketut Sudiantara as he kindly locked himself in at Ons Hostel with us and blessed me with as much Tuak as I wanted! This is the essence of the Balinese.

I LOVE BALI and I miss my Balinese brothers and Sisters far too much! I will live in Bali next time.

The key to travelling is to travel a little as possible and allow yourself to dissolve into the localities of few places, rather than flapping around collecting geotags on Google Photos across many. Allow yourself to truly blend in as to witness customs, behaviours and traditions unfold over a chunk of time. Then, you find yourself with many homes across the planet rather than places!

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