Aiden’s Earth is a BORN!

Hello earthling, welcome to my naturalistic corner of cyberspace! I aim to bring forth the magic of being which I perceive with my eyes, through testimonies of my connection with the world, from natural healings to global travel. There is a lot I wish to accomplish here and indeed ultimately, and, I am about to embark on the journey of a lifetime into the study of Zoology. In the meantime, I’m a man on a mission to reconnect the human being with the spirit of nature and to highlight her healing powers – mentally, emotionally and physically, alongside all things conservation. I hope you will enjoy my material and may we all be at peace as we move forwards together!


A human being is a part of a whole, called by us a universe, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest … a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.

Albert Einstein

Zero waste Tea! @ Bamboo turtle

The modern day is an incredible time to be alive on Planet Earth.

We live amongst environmental initiatives to combat our negative impacts on the planet’s health, and we’ve reached a congruency between eco friendly alternatives to traditional consumables being not only desirable for the wellness of the Earth, but also our own wellbeing. We are paying more and more mind to the contents of matter such as in the foods we eat, the soaps we use, the containers our resources come in and now, thankfully, the teabag has too been liberated from the clutches of mass-production.

Tea has been used for a very long time throughout civillizations for the warmth of it’s inner presence with and for its seemingly limitless spectrum of sources. Tea nourishes the body and nurtures the soul, and we all love it. For the most part, teas of the past would’ve dervived from unprocessed sources, righteously fresh and rich in it’s glory straight from source to the cup. Tea is over processed and seldom consists of the purity once retained from where it orginated.

Tea has never really been inspected for its undesirable symptoms of consumerism, until now as is discussed here. Pesticides, fertilizers, trace plastics and other contaminants are often present in teabags due to the lack of attentive care by large companies operating vast production lines, and whilst the act of enjoying tea has traditionally been such an intimate interaction with nature, the time is upon us to renew our Tea culture and embrace an organic approach to our infusions!

Bamboo turtle in Letchworth is allowing us to embrace the natural tea revolution. Here’s how.

The concept itself is very simple. A small, lovingly manufactured cotton bag is hollow for the insertion and repeated infusion of tea herb. A bamboo skewer penetrates the cotton bag horizontally through the top, allowing the bag to rest on any glass or mug. Genius!

A birds eye view shows very clearly the simplicity and versatility of this snazzy little infusion kit. Load the bag with around 1/3 of its volume with the organic waste-free tea herb of your choice. Here I have used the powerhouse that is Green Tea to decoct a glass of cognitive & energetic magic.

The utility of the tea infusion couldn’t be easier. Simply boil the kettle and pour the hot water through the open top of the tea bag, so the tea filtrates the water causing all the goodness to flow downwards into the glass with gravity of the water. We are truly getting elemental here. The infusion begins.

You can add as little or as few herbs as you wish, depending on your preference for strength. I reuse the herb in my cotton bag around 4-5 times before deeming the goodness to have been entirely extracted! I am sure that with a higher concentration of herb, many more infusions could be possible before replacing and washing the bag.

When the time comes to remove the decocted tea, simply reverse the bag with the thumb to reveal the tea for ease of removal & washing!

With a bit of luck, you’ll make far less than I have when removing the herb from the cotton infusion bag!

There we have it – a step by step guide in how to effortlessly brew a totally organic, pesticide free, plastic free, zero waste tea that’s good for the body and planet!

Eco living has never been easier to adopt than at this present moment! We can all live greener lives in a instant if we wish to make the deceptively easy alterations necessary.

Consuming leaner, greener, earth and body enhancing teas for the greater good of sustainability is a superb way of embracing Eco living.

The foods and liquids we consume deserve considerations for what may truly be lurking within them. Silently, microplastics and other carcinogenic pollutants are causing us harm due to the various processes and contacts made with dishonest, contaminated environments. We can amplify our health by ditching the teabags and formulating our own brews, ensuring there is nothing harmful in our tea, since we’re the ones overseeing the process from infusion to ingestion!

Shall we be kinder to nature and to ourselves at the same time?

Join us as we make the switch to teabag-less Tea today. With zero-waste organic tea herbs and organic Tea Infusion kits available from Bamboo Turtle in Letchworth Garden City – a town thriving in eco-friendly concepts and strategies. Their tea herbs are plentiful in Earl Grey, Chamomile, Peppermint, Green Tea and Red bush tea. All you need to do is bring your own container! Bamboo Turtle is zero-expense as much as it is zero-waste, offering the chance to pay by the gram. No waste, no expenditure, just inspiration within revolutionary shopping.

Welcome to a new age of living!

Freedom of Speech

The objective of speaking in this moment, now, is to be free of thinking we need elaborate, precise grammar all the time…

I trip up over my lust for constructing vocal speech in the very same way I’d write to use extensive, advanced vocabulary… yet the styles of talking and writing and broadly different.

And it can hinder me from exerting my speech before the internal voice has thought about what needs to change and what isn’t good about it. All that happens in a split moment. The reactivity of this inner rhetoric that judges and questions you, can be tamed through meditation. It is possible bring ourselves to the present in whatever moment by breathing, following the breath, and finding that we are no more or less than the breath.

Becoming hindered by the interception of the ego is a stutter, and that robs me, and all of us, from the present beauty of free flowing. Flow freely when speaking and don’t let psychoanalysical nature of the automatic ego in it’s cynicism, inhibit your expressions!

Be transparent, be sincere, and be okay with yourself in every way right here in this moment. You are wise and you are pure. You behold everything you need to be you.

There is rarely a need for more. More often than not, the more we think we need, is a calling for polarization. We’re really needing less of that.

Food of the Gods – The sacred nature of Raw Cacao

“Chocolate is a divine, celestial drink, the sweat of the stars, the vital seed, divine nectar, the drink of the gods, panacea and universal medicine. – Geronimo Piperni”

Dubbed the Amazonian Antioxidant kind, chocolate as we have come to know it today is often over processed, under nourished and dishonest in every way. Masked under the veil of Cocoa goodness, a lot of mainstream chocolate consists of a minor amount of Cocoa – not Cacao – which is 60-90% short of its original beneficial properties due to processing and fermentation. Truth is, most chocolates (with the exceptions of very rich Dark chocolate 70% or darker) are laden with preservatives, sweeteners and sugars with one aim – to get you hooked on the brand. Cocoa also drives unfair trade and may contain toxic pesticides.

There is an enormous secret to be discovered deep within the inner mechanics of chocolate, and we are going to investigate the ancestral, mythical, nutritional and sacred reverences that have survived the ages and are making an archaic rise today in our modern society. If I told you there was a substance so abundant in happiness enducing aminos, essential minerals such as Iron, Magnesium, proteins and more, would you believe me? Let’s go deeper into the magic of Raw Cacao!

The word Cacao descends from the Mayan word Ka’kau and has been timelessly utilized and worshipped by Mesoamerican civilizations. Since the very first Cacao pod was cracked, the milky seeds sparked the first iteration of the God-like glelatinous pulp, around 1500bc by the Olmecs. They believed that those who drank it attained energy and power, and it was used ceremonially to appease deities. More clues can be found of the divine mythology of the raw chocolate when looking at the taxonomy of the tree itself – Theobroma cacao – it’s genus translating to ‘God Food’ and species standing for Cacao, descending itself from Ka’kau – proclaiming it’s ancient place in modern science. In this clear fashion the profound significance of this nutritional powerhouse upon the ancients of their times is clear – it was a spectacular substance and only the elite could possess it.

Such colossal empires and civilizations socialised, danced, transcended, introspected, meditated, nourished and healed all aspects of their life using Cacao, and shivers roll down my spine when I drink it. To me, it’s as if the spirits of the ancients still resonate within the uplifting wonders of this miracle food and the consumer becomes pleasantly overwhelmed with a sense of righteousness, connectivity and mutual ground with the ancient souls who admired and harnessed its powers long before us as we enjoy Cacao in 2019 and beyond. Now, let’s explore the Scientific and nutritional wonders of the God Drink!

Cacao ceremonies are still performed today, in fact they’re on the rise, and fast. Spiritual and energetic healers across the world are implimenting Cacao into their resorative and developmental practices in order to open a plane of connectivity between those who drink it together, where higher states of transcendence are reached within the serenity of music and often the percussion of Shamanic drums. The reason for this surge in popularity with groups experiencing oneness and sheer bliss can be found in its complex of wellness creating Amino Acids – first and foremostly they are the foundations of protein in the body. These beautiful little molecules are as follows:

  • TryptophanTryptophan is an essential amino acid that serves several important purposes, like nitrogen balance in adults and growth in infants. It also creates niacin, which is essential in creating the neurotransmitter serotonin.
  • TyrosineTyrosine is a non-essential amino acid, meaning the body can synthesise it from Phenlyalanine. It is a popular dietary supplement used to improve alertness, attention and focus. It produces important brain chemicals that help nerve cells communicate and may even regulate mood.
  • SerotoninSerotonin is a chemical that has a wide variety of functions in the human body. It is sometimes called the happy chemical, because it contributes to wellbeing and happiness. There is a LOT of Serotonin in Cacao, inducing a state of happiness which synergises with the niacin created by the Tryptophan.
  • PhenlyethelyminePhenylethylamine (PEA) is a trace amine, found in very small amounts in the human body. It is a central nervous system stimulant in Humans. It can improve athletic performance, depression, weight loss, and to improve mood and attention.
  • Anandamide – (considered the Bliss molecule) is part of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) – acting as the bodies natural cannabis. Present in all vertebrates, the system is classed as a homeostatic regulator, meaning it is constantly working to bring about a state of balance to our bodies and minds. Imbalances of Anandamide have been associated with depression and even schizophrenia. Studies have shown that those genetically deficient in the enzyme responsible for the breakdown of Anandamide, show greater counts of depression across entire nations. Anandamide really is the Bliss molecule. Another study found Humans and Mice with higher volumes of Anandamide were found to have better control over their fear responses.

All five deliver blissfulness, content, happiness and stillness to the brain with an uplifted sense of wellbeing and overall vitality. Cacao is almost certainly the most effectively potent Anti-depressant to be found in nature! I have personally gifted Cacao to those closest in me who needed a realignment in their neurology and the Cacao tended to their imbalances remarkably, giving positivity and a sense of soul.

Antioxidant King! – Cacao scores a colossal ORAC score of 98,000 per 100g, versus a mere 2,400 of the still-powerful blueberry. The ORAC is a scale of a substances ability to control free radicals – uncharged molecules that are highly reactive and can pose a threat to healthy cells due to the Free Radical trying desparately to pair with another electron.

Highest plant based source of Iron – Over twice the amount of Iron7.3mg per 100g – can be found compared with Spinach which, in its own right at 3.6mg per 100g, is undoubtedly abundant in Iron. Iron is a funamental element in the health of the body and the physicality of the planet and is an important component of hemoglobin, the substance in red blood cells that carries oxygen from your lungs to transport it throughout your body. Hemoglobin represents about two-thirds of the body’s iron. If you don’t have enough iron, your body can’t make enough healthy oxygen-carrying red blood cells. Iron can be found in all earth-grown foods. For maximum Iron synthesis use alongside Vitamin C – such as Oranges, Coconut water, Kiwi, Tomatoes, Potatoes, Squashes, Leafy Greens and all members of the Brocolli family.

Full of Magnesium – As the most deficient mineral in the west, it’s crucial that we become concerned about this deficiency which may leave us feeling fatigued, unhappy and at risk of Cardiovascular problems. Magnesium is important for a healthy heart, and it turns Glucose into energy, enabling sharp cognition with an acute focus of mind.

More Calium than Cow’s Milk – Cacao contains 45mg more Calcium per 100g than Dairy – at a marvellous 160mg ready to aid bone health.

A source of Theobromine – Cacao contains Theobromine, which is the substance in cacao that is a bitter-tasting plant alkaloid that acts as a mild stimulant, like caffeine. Theobromine also a vasodilator (meaning it widens blood vessels) and a diuretic, and it’s been studied as a treatment option for high blood pressure. Theobromine has a calming effect and keeps the heart and brain stimulated and will halt coughs. It acts an an anti-inflammatory and a preventative of enamel decay in teeth. source

Rich in Flavanols Flavanols are phytonutrient compounds that are found naturally in apples, grapes, tea, cocoa and cherries, which account for the antioxidant effect provided by red wine and green tea. source

Builds & repairs Collagen & Keratin – The antioxidants in Cacao give Collagen in the skin a boost and has been shown to prevent the breakdown of collagen fibres in the skin under UV exposure. In other words, those using Cacao can spend longer under the Sun than a non-Cacao user. The nails and hair also benefit from the masses of antioxidants working to protect and restore cellular health. source

Anti-aging – The aging process occurs when cells begin to destruct and our foundations of bodily health are subject to damage by Free Radicals – stray unpaired electrons seeking a partner – which happens naturally over time and can cause great harm. When we use antioxidants to control the oxidation of cells we protect them from destructing and becoming Free Radicals, leading to a physically slower or plateaued rate of aging. source

Theobroma Cacao – the Food of the Gods presents itself to us as the superfood of the superfoods. It possesses the powers to amplify our happiness, vitality, biological health, spiritual awareness, energetic upkeep and balance of all the bodies faculties. Cacao is a phenomenal bean or seed that hails from the heavens and I hope this post has particularly conveyed all aspects of magic that make this food so sacred, it almost shouldn’t exist.

It does exist – and it can be purchased at Bamboo Turtle, Letchworth Garden City, without the guilt of by-purchasing packaging. A massive victory for onesself and the planet! My journey with Cacao really flourished when I discovered it glistening softly at me from its self-service container in Bamboo Turtle, and I can only thank Bamboo Turtle and of course the Cacao itself for permitting access to such a wonderful unison between human and plant.

Cacao has a special place in my heart and I hope you will feel its Earthly serenity within yours, too!

The mind is water

The mind must be left alone, as water also would, with an interval of acceptance as its motion steadies, before it settles and can become still.

All too often we want stillness now. It only requires a slightly wider scope of patience and the stillness will happen to you in just a few moments more. It cannot be implied nor regulated in any one moment. Meditation is not control nor concentration. It is passiveness.

Leave it be and stillness will come to you.

Stillness is mindfulness and mindfulness is energy. This breeds the clarity we need to approach life with peace, tranquility and the understanding of ourselves, each other and of all beings.

It is in our interests to leave our minds to settle under the properties of its own nature for the forthcoming of our capacity to think, feel, love and live.

I’m alive, and that’s good enough

Sometimes I become so lost in planning and articulating writings of purpose and passion that I bypass the beauty of freestyling! I’m just warming to this blogging thing and it amazes me just how versatile a platform it can be. It doesn’t matter what you write about, somebody out there will appreciate it and if my words resonate with just a single human then that is fantastic. I literally just love living, and I make the choice to be happy and appreciate of all things in all moments. Even the microorganisms alive on every millimetre of surface on the kitchen worktop deserves to be there. It’s not for us to assert purposes onto beings. We’re all alive on this planet simultaneously, perhaps sharing the same consicousness.

Today I’ve treated myself to a lovely Spider Plant, and I’ve enjoyed a great 48hr fast! There’s an awful lot going on right now with so much more to come. I’m toying with the idea of going to University to accomplish my childhood dream of becoming a Zoologist. This will happen in the next year if it is to be so, but until then, I’m pondering on where my next travel destination might be. I’m feeling that it could have something to do with Africa or maybe I’ll go back home to Indonesia. I love that place.

Many moments of synchronicity have presented themselves recently. Namely one such interaction with an incredibly gifted lady has catapulted me into a territory of energetic healing and spiritual development, where I had already been headed through my own lines of study and practice. I knew somewhere down the line I’d meet somebody by way of the Universe who’d open that door, and it has arrived. She’d like me to speak about Herbalism and Natural Healing and to be honest, I’d love to do it!

In a similar sort of way, I’ve been messing around with altered states of mind recently and I’ve found myself once again at a state of pure oneness with everything in every moment. I’ve realised the beautiful potential of using these natural substances to expand the mind and reveal the true love-based essential nature that we all have within us. I am trying to mitigate an LSA dispensary whilst it’s legal in the UK and the law can’t say anything about it. I love messing around with extractions of natural substances from natural sources. It brings me closer to nature itself. I love being close to nature, hence why I’ve purchased that spider plant!

I’ve been studying away all day long today but I haven’t missed the opportunity to get outdoors and see what magic is in store for me. There has sure as hell been a lot of it. For example, whilst walking through the supermarket car park I saw my aunt and my mother which is ultra rare and then, whilst telling them of a strange phenomena recently where I’d seen an old Junior school teacher 4 times in the last 2 weeks after 15 years of no path crossing – he walked past us for a 5th time. I really understand the power of the mind and how it can manifest ANYTHING to be just as it were uttered in the mind.

Now I am going to bed after eating far too much, far too late. It happens sometimes. I think irregular breaks in patterns are fantastic, I just hope I haven’t overturned the benefits of my fasting too hard with that apple pie and super-vegan porridge.

Good night! It’s time to get bendy and meditate before drifting off to dreamland.

48 hour fast report and analysis!

I’m eating OLIVES AGAIN! – to conclude a lovely 48hr fast with no hunger, no fatigue, and only extra of all sensory awarenesses! I felt sharper and fresher in mind and body mostly peaking after the 30-hour mark. It feels light and spacey, but holistic and peaceful. I do this for several reasons. Primarily for the evolutionary excellence that it envokes in mind and soul.

Thereafter the motive is to burn body fat tissue and old cells for fuel, rather than food as a primary source which prevents this, instigating the genesis of new cells and keeping my body young, healthy and safer from free radicals on a cellular level. Fasting is a highly ancient tactic induced by the body in famine scenarios, where the body will utilize itself for fuel, for the upcycling of cells into new ones (a fuel source) and for mental sharpness (to raise attentiveness towards survivalist solutions)

It’s so important in our gluttonous epoch that we exercise this natural technique to detoxify the body and reset fundamental systems, revitalise the mind and raise the spiritual, archaic vibration within. Fasting brings me closer to the earth and fine tunes the connection I have with my own body. It’s so important to speak the language of health!

Lovely jubbly then. I had a large sacred Cacao to mark the closure of this stint with a spike of magnesium and blissful neurotransmitters and I’m looking forward to my daily intermittent fast of 18 hours tomorrow! LESS IS MORE and excessiveness will lead to disease. Timing and placement of food bears more relativity to illnesses than the constitution of the diet itself!

Live smart and die a bit later.

Below the equator…

This time last year I was in LOVE with Bali. I’d honoured the Milky Way in the night sky for the first time ever in my geographical history, I was tucked away below the Equator with my travelling brothers and sisters by my side from Thailand and Malaysia. It was MYSTICAL and magical and I knew the moment was never to be replicated again. The Universe was a cosmic free for all!

It was ‘Silence day’ on the 17th March 2018, otherwise known traditionally as Nyepi day, meaning not a soul was allowed to have lights on nor leave their premises to go out. Guards patrol the streets and it’s an offence to break this rule – those found outside face a fine. One must stay in, even tourists. It sure separated the selfie voyagers from those seeking immersion in the culture. I post this today on the 7th March 2019 simply because my sacred paradise is celebrating this day today; 10 days ahead of the annum since my visit.

Some tourists couldn’t hack it but I loved the experience. No internet, no distractions, just pure inner reflection. A day of recreation running parallel to a notion of recuperation for nature, as on this day she too was not exploited, and the entire universe boldly posed for the soul to reach out through the eye and touch the infinity!

Big, proper, greens and purples of our Galaxy – I’m telling you I saw the Milky Way! It was one of many heights of mine! I first experienced Tuak on this day with Ketut Sudiantara as he kindly locked himself in at Ons Hostel with us and blessed me with as much Tuak as I wanted! This is the essence of the Balinese.

I LOVE BALI and I miss my Balinese brothers and Sisters far too much! I will live in Bali next time.

The key to travelling is to travel a little as possible and allow yourself to dissolve into the localities of few places, rather than flapping around collecting geotags on Google Photos across many. Allow yourself to truly blend in as to witness customs, behaviours and traditions unfold over a chunk of time. Then, you find yourself with many homes across the planet rather than places!

Steve Irwin shaped my life

Steve Irwin graced this Earth as the most enthusistic, influential and passionate wildlife conservationist ever to have lived. It pains me to write of him in a past tense, 12 and a half years after his shock death during a diving expedition nearby to Port Douglas, Australia, where a Stingray launched its defensive mechanism – venomous barb – right into Steve’s heart. I felt it in mine, too.

He was known worldwide as the Crocodile Hunter and if you are in any way like me, you will have grown up alongside his programmes and wildlife productions. The name itself implies a paradox. He’d hunt to save them, not to kill them, and that resonated with my young empathetic soul.

I distinctly remember spending most of my juvenile time with my eyes fixated on this marvellous man on the television who had the capabilities of managing the largest, strongest, and most spetacular animals on the planet. Vividly, I recall watching him cry sincerely when an Elephant calf he had grown close to had died in an orphanage, and again he expressed his deep emotions when his Saltwater Crocodile Mary, who was a dear friend of his and an animal of over 100 years of age. As a young boy, oberving such a strong and courageous man in such terrific grief beside the lifeless body of an animal taught me of the power of love, I knew now it had no boundaries. If Steve can be so distraught over a Crocodile, there had to be a genuine telepathical connection between man and animal. Over my lifetime of working with animals I concur, there is a very deep connection which connects from soul to soul with no discrimination of physical form.

Steve was totally Altruistic – tending to the needs of other beings before his own and with little or no regard for himself. This became mostly evident to me in the way he’d interact with the most potentially lethal snakes on Earth – such as this Taipan he calmly handles in the field with his bare hands – showing that their venom is for digestive purposes and not for defensive purposes. I have also handed Taipans, but I certainly had a hook! Steve’s approach was not for everybody and he was met with distaste from those who felt he was too invasive of the animals wellbeing for the sake of camera settings and securing particular shots. But, without Steve’s all or nothing approach, perhaps such a significant message could never have been delivered to the world.

Despite being THE Crocodile Hunter, even Steve had his limits, and these limits are what mitigated his entire message. All animals beyond the parameters of Steve’s individual reach could be saved if his message resonated with enough people. He was intent on clean oceans, a repaired Ozone layer and a world of Anthropogenic-Animalian balance. It was this very message that resonated with me as a 5 year old boy and that catapulted me into a life of naturalistic ambition and intent, that still arms me with the fire necessary to help the planet as best I can. His message of conservation and empathy for all animals circumnavigated the globe one television programme at a time, with his name quickly becoming a household fixture! Everyone knew Steve Irwin, and he brought the importance of animals to a broad spectrum of nationalities and cultures alike, inspiring natural born animal enthusiasts and the layman alike to become conservationists and to embark on their own interpreted paths of interspecial devotion. To some degree, we all owe a huge thanks to Steve for showing us how to be so heartfelt and so wholesome in all that we do.

He wanted to be knows for his passion and his enthusiasm but most importantly, he wanted to leave behind a legacy of Conservation – a message that his children Bindi & Robert could behold, and that they did. Bindi is now 20 years old and Robert is now 15 years old, with both of them starring on late night shows and following in their fathers footsteps with a brand new Animal Planet zoo/life series ‘Crikey! It’s the Irwins!’. Steve made controversial headlines many years ago after using a 1 month old neonatal Robert as an extra element, clutched tightly to his chest while he fed a Crocodile with his right hand followed by ‘walking’ Robert across the grass of the Crocoseum. This made headlines and news stories around the world with the media suggesting that he had gone ‘too far’. This did not phase the Irwins, as this was a total expression of their true character and involvement with these beautiful animals and their zoological facility from birth.

Steve has always been my biggest hero in life, not second to anybody. He embedded a seed of planatary awareness and compassion for all living creatures, and the recognition of the importance of biodiversity and how it upholds our own survival. I remember crying my eyes out when he died but since then, I have gone on to study Animal Sciences, I have become a venomous snake handler, I have delivered interactive Reptile & Arachnid sessions to children and adults alike to convey a message of peace regarding the dogmatic judgements that loom over them and I have travelled the world, leading me to life as a Scuba Diver and an amateur conservationist and ecologist. I owe my dreams, my pathways into Zoology and my values of interconnectivity to Steve, and I thank him for sewing the seed of love and inspiration which I still hold close to myself and all life, today. I hope to continue on this path and have as much a profound impact on the planet as Steve has done and as his family continue to extend. He taught me the powers of enthusiasm, courage, passion and the importance of exploration and appreciation for all beings!

The sheer magnitiude in which I revere Steve and his Family are ineffible, and my writings couldn’t possibly radiate the emotions I feel when I think of Steve and how fundamental his influence has been upon me and my life. I found it hardest to accept his death knowing I had never met and I still feel sore when I think about the sheer magnificence the world lost that day the Stingray penetrated his heart. Yet it rings true to me that his essence lives on through us all who emit much the same love to Mother Earth and every single one of her creatures.

I for one will ensure I lead a life of deep connection with nature and I will do the best I can for biodiversity and the living landscape. I hope you will join me in my quest for the balance of beings and the sustainance of conservation, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this late night post I’ve composed for my Hero and second father, the Wildlife Warrior, Steven Robert Irwin (February 22nd 1962 – September 4th 2006)

You are still that person!

Credit: Nils Kristian Photography

You are not a stranger who stands apart from their experience.

I notice this mostly in folks who come home from travelling and conclude that they must take a new shape and leave that segment of themselves, which they adored being, in their wake as they pick up a new identity which defines them as otherwise.


You are still that person who was galavanting around those islands, or whatever the residual experience may be which you wish you hadn’t grown away from. You are indeed a new encyclopaedia of cells but you are THE SAME SOUL and thus you needn’t feel separate from the experiences that made you, you.

You are still that person. I am still that guy who was living in the Swedish forest. I am still he who was rambling through the Sumatran Jungle. That semi-aquatic sea creature with an oxygen tank on his bank and goggles on his face in the Gulf of Thailand? That’s still me too!. I find solace in this, I hope you can feel my message and recognise that in you too, you are not separate from the experiences you miss!

What is LSA? Extraction guide!

If I were to describe LSA in one word, I would call it, activation. Throughout my recent months of dabbling with psychedelics as agents of evolution, a friend proposed a great idea! He, in his own conquest for exploring altered states of consciousness, had discovered a legal psychedelic (in the UK) – a seed named ‘Hawaiian baby Woodrose‘ containing the natural psychoactive substance LSA – colloquially placed in the same boat as the ‘Morning Glorys‘. Biological differences aside, the biggest alluring factor of the Hawaiin baby Woodrose deflecting from the psychoactive Morning Glory was the reduced quantity of seeds that needed consuming, to experience the effects of LSA. Consuming several hundred MG seeds were long gone.

Caution must be taken with the preparation of HBWR seeds as the husk contains CYANIDE and must be prepared safely. Read further to learn how I bypass nausea and Cyanide poisoning completely for a euphoric, sedated high!

HBWR, Argyreia nervosa, requires just a few seeds to feel the Lysergic Acid Amide get to work, binding with the Serotonin in the brain as the partial agonist LSA is. Much like the serotonergic binding of Psilocin, the counterpart of the compound Psilocybin found in Mushrooms of the Psilocybe genus, this is the way the psychoactivity is initiated in the brain.

As I write this, I am feeling a very heavy dose of 25 Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds. Allow me to tell you what they are, how they work, a little history about them and how I am feeling at present, under the influence of this substance.

Credit: Google – Hawaiian baby Woodrose seeds (argyreia nervosa)

What is LSA?

LSA, or d-lysergic acid amide, is a naturally occurring psychedelic substance of the lysergamide class. LSA is an ergot alkaloid and the main psychoactive constituent of Argyreia nervosa as stated already.

Who first tested LSA?

LSA was described in 1932 and in 1947 it was synthesised and tested by Albert Hofmann – the grandfather of LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide). Albert is best knows for the discovery of LSD and for his hallucinatory bike ride home from his laboratory after the first administering of his newly generated, mind-altering substance.

When was it detected in HBWR seeds?

In 1970, LSA was detected in HBWR seeds – which had formerly been sold on the streets as Mescaline – the psychoactive substance found in the Peyote Cactus and many other Cacti.


  • Grind seeds in a coffee bean grinder to a dusty consistency
  • Allow them to soak for 24hrs in cold water, at room temperature, in a glass or jar
  • Once you notice the LSA sitting about an inch from the bottom of the glass or jar as a darker, denser layer of liquid – the separation has been successful
  • Filter the water into a glass through a paper coffee filter
  • Filter once more, to remove any infiltrating toxic particles
  • Filter a third time to be sure your extraction is clean!
  • Consume hot or cold
The separation you are looking for! Behold, beautiful LSA.

How does one feel on LSA?

Honestly – amazing! Its low vibration is pleasant, heavy in the body and light on the head. There aren’t any visuals to be experienced, so don’t be anticipating anything remotely similar to the hallucinations of Psilocybin, DMT or LSD. What you do get, though, is a wonderful body high, implying an enormous sense of content and cognitive sharpness with absolute calm, blissfulness, euphoria, a heightened sense of oneness and an increased sense of capabilty. The feeling is quite spiritual, and I have experienced a feeling of ‘meeting myself’ under LSA. I mean, psychedelics do show us to ourselves.

What can be done on LSA? How can it be enjoyed?

On LSD I feel I am capable of doing absolutely anything – and here I am writing a blog post in one take under the enhanced psychological conditioning the LSA has set upon me. In my opinion, this is a sedating high which encourages an individual to sit back, relax, and become practical in whichever manner they may feel is appropriate. Or, they may feel the need to simply do nothing. It really is a nice feeling without any anxiety or confusion – at least in my experience. The body load is harsh and the adventure is a joy to roll with. I like to focus and get shit done under the influence of LSA. You could do the shopping, hang out with friends, visit a relative in hospital and beyond without raising alarm bells. The pupils become dilated but that’s it.

Its effects arrive inconsistently and it’s hard to gauge a precise onset time, although the Psychonaut Wiki suggests an onset period of 30-120 minutes, a peak of 2-7 hours, an offset of 1-2 hours and after effects of 1-3 hours. This is a lengthy procedure that should warrant a similar time gap one would give for any other psychedelic experience. I concur I am feeling ultra heavy right now in synergy with this report.

Credit: Psychonaut Wiki

5 hours into my trip I am now feeling my offset of the peak, which was very heavy and sedative. I have been enjoying music, an increased sense of perception, an acute feeling of oneness with the tasks I’m engaged with and an even greater sense of fulfillment overall. Life feels great right now. I plan to enjoy a few more hours of this experience before it dissipates into the night. I hope you don’t mind the maladroit report I’m concluding this post with – I feel there is nothing more to elaborate!

Remember, do not chew them, do not swallow them, for their husks contain CYANIDE. Follow my extraction guide and you will be just fine.

Enjoy your LSA!